I model time into movement

In her sculptures, reliefs and drawings, Benveniste focuses on the human body. Her interest in human history forms the background of her work regarding the body. Since Benveniste is strongly inspired by art history and how the human being is described, her sculptures are based on these ancient modes of expression. However, by modeling time into movement, she adds new dimensions to the classical sculpture.

Benveniste’s studies into depicting the body have their origin in her experiences of the lack of perspective in Roman fresco painting. Likewise, Benveniste finds prehistoric cave paintings as a source of inspiration, and when working with pen on paper, she keeps the characteristic outline of prehistoric drawings in mind. On paper, she begins with an outline of a body in motion, and here, angles and postures come to light, which are later further explored in clay. In the modeling process, the figures’ positions transform from 2D to 3D and a sculpture with an extraordinary perspective comes to life. The motif of the sculpture’s movement has strong references to Giovanni Pisano and Giovanni L. Bernini’s sculptures. This inspiration shows itself clearly in the width and movement of the sculptural expression.

Exhibition at Galerie Birch, Aug. 31st – Sep 23rd

from Berlingske

Sometimes you have to break your principles – opening her latest show in the old, renowned Galerie Birch on Saturday, Eli Benveniste will be their first female artist in the gallery for 40 years. In a few years, the gallery will celebrate its 70th Anniversary. Eli Benveniste is a significant sculptor indeed.