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14 September 2013

(Danish) Noter fra en udstilling Af Birgitta Trotzig

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14 September 2013

(Danish) Åbningstale af Herbert Pundik

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14 September 2007

The Eternal Present by Peter Poulsen, 2007

“The motive expands beyond the immediately visible because of our knowledge of its interior.” Klee
Some of Eli Benveniste’s works give you the impression [...]

14 September 2007

Eroticism, poem by Peter Poulsen

If something had invented eroticism
it must have been loneliness.
The universe was feeling lonely
and attacked
a sexy planet.
I’m sitting here at th [...]

4 April 2001

Jytte Rex

April 4th, 2001.
The presentation of the Anne Marie Telmanyi award
” The light in the room makes moods visible, the sculptures make both darkness and shadows [...]

14 September 2000

Director Folke Kjems, Holstebro Artmuseum, 2000

Eli. Benveniste belongs among the most talented younger Danish sculptures. In her sculptures she expresses life’s great themes in ways both palpable and evasi [...]

14 September 1997

The Hesitation of Substance, By Jens Christian Grøndahl 1997

It is said of God that he fashioned the first man out of clay, thus using the material of the earth.
Of course, he might also have preferred marble or granite, [...]