Exhibition at Galerie Birch, August 31 -September 23

from Berlingske:

“Sometimes you have to break your principles – opening her latest show in the old, renowned Galerie Birch on Saturday, Eli Benveniste will be their first female artist in the gallery for 40 years. In a few years, the gallery will celebrate its 70th Anniversary. Eli Benveniste is a significant sculptor indeed. In the late 1980s, the autodidactic sculptor, completely unknown at the time, had a surprising and spectacular debut at Veksølund, where she became a regular participant of the annual summer exhibition together with top Danish sculptors and foreign guests. Not long after, she had a solo exhibition at the Museum of Art in Holstebro. In 2007, Sophienholm showed a very successful exhibition of Kirsten Klein’s photographs together with Eli Benveniste’s sculptures. In her works, which often seem unfinished, Eli Benveniste deals with the human being and how we sense and experience the world through our bodies. The latter often appear torn or fragmented in their expression. Eli Benveniste is also represented along with several other renowned artists at the art festival Lys over Lolland, which takes place from August 30th to September 8th at Pederstrup Gods, near Horslunde. ”

Galerie Birch, Bredgade 6
Tuesdays-Fridays 11-17, Saturdays 11-15

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