This space is about:

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Clay, glass, light, water, plaster and shadows

Clay sculptures  – like dirt, a body, a travelling thought


Houses of light – an atmosphere, created by room dimensions and light intensity,

reflected by the walls


Direct light – which blinds


Indirect light – which may improve a thought


Darkness – is memory, like black sculptures


Glass – like flowing water, the shape of shadows


Water – in streaming motion, carries with it remembrance

– Acqua Passata, lets done undone


Black sculpture – death without owner, coloured by water flowing by


Light – the present, like seeing, giving consciousness to thoughts


Glass sculpture – like shape, an inverted mountain filled with water

allows light to penetrate and collect its shape in a single shining spot


Shadows – make even dead living

do not choose, judge or forget anyone

bound to light and longing for darkness that overshadows.



Lit shadows – that cast diffuse light on black living sculptures of dead


Dark water – which reflects light


Water in motion – which erases its reflection


White shadows – like inverted sculptures


White sculptures – that cast black shadows