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I have always been interested in phenomenology, that is in human relations and conditions, how different people react in a similar way to the same incidents. It is seen in every-day life, in permanent relationships, in the way we treat our children and in how we react when we meet strangers. And it seems to me that human beings react very similar – which are extenuating circumstances in a world covered with smoke.


I was born in 1961, the 4th daughter of a Danish mother and a Greek Jewish father from Thessalonoki. They met in l948 during the greek civil war in Lamia, where my mother worked for Red Barnet (a humanitarian organisation for children) and my father was a doctor at a clinic in a refugee camp in the Greek Red Cross. In 1953 they moved to Denmark, and after a while my father became consultant at the Central Hospital in Nykøbing. Here I lived with my three elder sisters and our younger brother till the family split up.


At the age of 23 I went to Barcelona, where I lived for 6 years. Today my husband and I live in Italy and in Portugal, countries tightly linked to my work as sculptress. To be a guest and not really belong anywhere are conditions, that goes well with my work. You are distant, which is good for observing the world around you, just as the uncertainty that comes from exile goes well with the doubt which always is a part of the artistic process.


In Portugal as well as in Pietrasanta in Toscana I live out in the country and I speak both languages. We travel a lot and follow what happenes around the world through newspapers and internet.

I have made sculptures since I was very young, but it is only the last few year I have begun to write and photograph.


In my work as well as in my life I wonder how many individual choises we make seen in comparison to the influence the specific time and situation have on us. Therefore I try to put as much as possible og what I experience and see into a historic perspective.