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I have worked with a number of signs over the last 4-5 years. I got the idea from among others the Druid alters in Ireland, Portugal and Stonehenge; and from inscriptions- Chinese, Phrygian and runes? The sculptures may look simple, but I had great difficulty getting a hold on them and could not understand why. Few succeeded, but most became either too ”stiff” or overworked or they became ”loose” and indifferent. It was not because there was just one correct solution, but the sculptural functional margins were apparently incredibly small. It is no secret that in order to create motion there has to be a difference between sizes; with these sculptures differences were minimal. The solution was obviously to be found somewhere amidst many contrasts, a little too short along this dimension, a little too long on the other, too thick and too thin, too expanding and contracting too much, not quite halted, but almost not in motion, anonymous but alive. I wanted the sculptures immobile and breathing.