Eli Benveniste, Studio, 2020


13 January 2023

New Steps 
To me a foot is a kind of sculpture in itself, it has this particular triangular form, similar to the rhythm a conductor draws in the air, with his baton.

A form which closes upon itself in a very natural way. I discovered feet could be turned upside down, stand, lay and be distorted in every way and be expressive even with a few touches. 

 A piece turned out to be a refugee’s foot; a foot that had walked thousands of miles, tired and hardened and marked by the many steps taken under heavy burdens. Apparently, it was not necessary to make a whole body, let alone a face, to express a condition or situation; it could all be contained in there, abstract and yet recognizable at the same time.

Lately I am making ballet feet. Hence the optimistic pink color.

As they can’t stand on their own tip toe, I had to make their better half and they became a pair - etudes. 

The fact they were a pair, suggested some pretty wild compositions and sculpturally that's where it started to get really interesting, because something new, which I hadn’t expected, came up due to the pure necessity.

I showed the first series of feet at Gallery Klein on Bornholm in Denmark during the summer of 2020, and intended to show a continuation of the series later in Copenhagen last year. The pandemic made sure this and many other things didn’t happen. - I think we all got a bit used to a life of events that didn’t happen. But my husband, Jorgen Haugen Sorensen’s death happened and it is only now, half a year later I have started to touch clay again.

I am thankful for the challenge to start to work again, work being my best defence, Jorgen once told me, and I am finishing the series with two bigger pieces that will complement the exhibition.

There is a phrase which says “To take a step in the right direction”. I hope this event will be a next step into a new life, a possibility to turn the arrow in the air and retrieve the delicate balance I once had between two people, now on my own.

Eli Benveniste, 2022