Eli Benveniste, works in progress for Galleri Klejn July 2020

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Glas- og keramikbiennalen 2020


Galleri Klejn

July 30 2020

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2020, CAMeC La Spezia until 7 June 2020


The end of the world has not yet come, so you have the opportunity to visit the exhibition "BAU | Contemporary Culture Container 2004-2020" which displays MORE THAN THOUSAND WORKS contained in the 16 boxes.

All the artists who have moved from BAU from 2004 to today gathered in the 3 rooms on floor 0 of the CAMeC La Spezia

INAUGURATION 21.02.2020 - 18.00

Exhibition open until 7 June 2020


Eli Benveniste exhibits her work from 2019, The Order of Nature, photogravure on paper, 29.5 x 29.5 cm


Eli Benveniste on The Order of Nature:

The subject is a fractal that can grow infinitely on all sides. I once saw a narrow bite of this pattern on a Roman mosaic from Merida in Spain. It fascinated me because the pattern is recognizable and yet not so. The narrow piece could not be doubled or flipped and it took me most of that summer to figure it out. That it was a fractal with 3-4 simple rules. The white T and the black T must always turn their backs on each other. You must avoid more than 3 black squares in succession of each other diagonally as it becomes too visible. And the T's may not meet at the bottom, but otherwise you can turn and flip them for good. But you have to be focused because it can become more or less beautiful or less beautiful.

I have called it the "Order of Nature" because it has something mathematical about it, and you think that you choose the direction yourself and create the freight speech at the moment within the hard rules. And then there is the ending that can unfold in countless ways.

I used the pattern for a mosaic I made in Portugal and imagine what that Roman thought of his time when he apparently gave up and made a beautiful picture above.

2019, Koloristerne at Den Frie

KOLORISTERNE have previously had a solid base on The Free and we are happy to once again have the opportunity to exhibit here, as the place, by virtue of its history and reputation, attracts a large and wide audience. The upcoming exhibition will be important because there is a large generation change coming in the group. We have been fortunate enough to be able to mobilize a new team of very talented and prominent young artists, which will allow us to create a new and unpredictable taste of a Colorist exhibition in the heart of Copenhagen.

But perhaps most importantly, we see the upcoming exhibition as an opportunity and opportunity to pass the baton on to this old Danish cultural institution, the Colorists.

The artist association The colorists represent a piece of unique Danish art history, which we honor to preserve and revitalize with new young talented forces. It is the group's vision that the Colorists must continue to speak to and mirror the contemporary and thus continue to be an important and important mark in the art life of the future, while at the same time the group has the weight of the older artists' experience and insights. With an age difference of almost 70 years from the youngest to the oldest exhibitor, the Colorists represent the entire modern Danish art history in one group. A principle we see as an important strength that we will continue to emphasize in the future.

This year's exhibition offers a variety of media in painting, sculpture, textile, graphic and watercolor.


Eli Benveniste on Tendencies to Clump Together, 2019:

For a long time I have made sculptures according to drawings, they are not only sketches but actual recipes. I read the drawing contour three-dimensionally. The outline of a sculpture from a certain angle. At the same time, there are many possibilities within the framework of a line drawing and the sculptures I show here are variations over the same contour drawing.

When I drew the drawing, my idea was that the front of the body could be read as a back, as if the body had turned, while the "legs" were still coming out from the hips.

I sought a certain spatiality and wanted to express the essence of a movement.

As for the modeling, I thought, how little is needed? Where does the boundary between unrecognizability go to where I have, in fact, gone too far, when the desire to make my idea visible instead gets the first freshness that naturally arises during the construction of a sculpture killed. That's why I released them as soon as possible, when they were just as readable, caught in the moment.

The five sculptures have now been raw-burned in my workshop for two years, without being finished. They were from that time the Colorists no longer had to exhibit on the Free. Now the Colorists are back on and I continue where I left off, and have made two more variations. Those who lacked to complete the series of "Tendencies to Clump together".

2018, Triennale di Milano. BAU

Participating artists: Vincenzo Agnetti, Silvia Ancillotti, Anonimo, Roberto Baccelli, Simon Balestrazzi, Luigi Ballerini, Eli Benveniste, Francesco Bernabei, Carla Bertola, Emanuela Biancuzzi, Maicol Borghetti, Maria Luisa Borra, Jean-Francoise Bory, Luca Brocchini, Giuseppe Calandriello, Felipe Cardeña, Mauro Chiarotto, Filippo Ciavoli Cortelli, Claudio Costa, Corrado Costa, Graziano Dovichi, Liliana Ebalginelli, Luciano Federighi, Fernanda Fedi, Giovanni Fontana, Gionata Francesconi, Claudio Francia, Aldo Frangioni, Carlo Galli, Marco Galli, Delio Gennai, Stefano Gentile, Gino Gini, Chiara Giorgetti, Antonio Gomez, Ezio Gribaudo, Riccardo  Gusmaroli, Jørgen Haugen Sørensen, Maria Assunta Karini - Francesco Paladino, Margherita Labbe, Ignazio Lago, Valentina Lapolla - Rachel Morellet - Eva Sauer - Tatiana Villani, Massimiliano Luchetti, Luciano Maciotta, Giorgio Marconi, Gabriele Menconi, Giulia Niccolai, Now! (Roberto Cagnoli - Marco Cencetti), Angela Palese, Lorenzo Paoli, Vieri Parenti, Antonio Peruz, Guido Peruz, Luigi Petracchi, Lamberto Pignotti, Margherita Levo Rosenberg, Rossano Brazzi, Manitù Rossi, Ornella Rovera, Walter Rovere, Kristina Rubine, Stefano Ruggia, Massimo Salvoni, Samora (Enrico Marani), Antonella Sassanelli, Renato Sclaunich, Alvise Simonazzi, Morten Søndergaard, Giulia Spanghero, Adriano Spatola, Alessandro Squilloni, HR-Stamenov, Teho Teardo, Nicoletta Testi, Stefano Turrini, Tommaso Vassalle, Giangrazio Verna, Daniele Virgilio, Alberto Vitacchio, William Xerra, Aida M. Zoppetti, Emiliano Zucchini.

2015, Rundetårn, Koloristerne

2014, Gallery R2 Bornholm

2013, Espacio Escultorico La Telarana Oaxaca, Mexico.

2013, The Shadow of the Clouds, Galerie Birch

2013, Den Frie, Koloristerne, The Red Thread

2013, Sightseeing Tourist, Galleria Spazio 6, Verona

2012, Bornholms Art Museum, All the Things Unsaid, Koloristerne © Simon Lautrop

2011, Burka og Babel, ​Koloristerne in Round Tower, Copenhagen

2011, All the things unsaid, Svanekegården, Bornholm

2010, Den Frie, Koloristerne, Performance in Clay

2009, Den Frie, Koloristerne, Our Reality, Your Illusion

2008, Art Centre Silkeborg Bad, The Eternal Now - Retrospective

2007 Sophienholm, The Eternal Now - Retrospective.

2006 Gl. Holtegaard, A step in the right direction.

- an exhibition about walking, curated by Morten Søndergaard.

Gl. Holtegaard until March 19, 2006

Works on display at the exhibition by Francis Alÿs, Eli Benveniste, Jens Birkemose, Umberto Boccioni, Henri Cartier-Bresson, Peter Brandes, Jesper Christiansen, Torben Christensen, Alberto Giacometti, Marianne Grønnow, Tania Ruiz, Jytte Høy, Frans Kannik, Eva Koch, Christian Lemmerz, Eadweard Muybridge, Øivind Nygård, Bjørn Nørgaard, Julian Opie, Kirsten Ortwed, Robert Storm Petersen, Lilibeth Cuenca Rasmussen, Jytte Rex, Ane Mette Ruge, John Smith, Beat Streuli, Do-Ho Suh, Jørgen Haugen Sørensen, Laurits Tuxen, Christian Vind, Kassandra Wellendorf, J.F. Willumsen, Mette Winckelmann.

Eli Benveniste's sculpture Fuga was located outside the museum, and unfortunately there are no photos of it. 

Berlingske Tidende Review in Danish



2005 Charlottenborg Labyrinths, The Room of Art together with Jørgen Carlo Larsen

2003 Brøndsalen Frederiksberg together with Jørgen Haugen Sørensen

2002 Patriacal Reservoir Museum Lissabon Acqua Passata

2000 Veksølund, Nature Morte, Photographer Simon Lautrop

1997 Galerie Anne Marie Copenhagen, The Replaceable

1995 Den Frie Koloristerne, Conversation with a modern human being